Sunday, January 8, 2012

Balik Kampung...

This morning(8 January 2012),
ibu, ayah and me went to kampung Juasseh, Negeri Sembilan
we went to my childhood village Maksu's House
Since ive finished my final exam so this can be assumed as my vacation
and my relaxation day.


I don know whats this tree is

this is langsat..i think??


is this cempedak or nangka??

trying to console a chick

with ayah watching NS vs Kelantan the encore at maksu's house ..Ns win 2-1

the siamese cat

so what are u lookin for??

please tell me if u know what this tree is


the result..this is not for sale ok..share with neighbour at KL 

ibu and ayah at pasar Kuala Pilah (near the kedai rojak)

ibu and ayah discuss how much Gula Anau to buy

is it Durian's tree??

so tall..


this is not sawit..this is anau it??

At Terachi..

what a beutiful scenery

fish pond near the road

mountain..i think this is Gunung Dato'

Bukit Putus

This is what happen if u r stress n not takin a healthy lifestyle

view from the rambutan tree on the tree
ayah so excited to 'kait' rambutan

be at kampung is the one of the best place to go..
hope to come back next time..insyallah


  1. haha, tergelak baca komen yang console a chick?
    that chick is stress eh, need a concolation? :D
    like the other alopecia chick.

    what is gula Anau?

  2. gula anau=gula melaka,
    anak ayam tu kalau dilihat seperti ada masalah sikit so try la nk pujuk sikit tp x berkesan..sekarang memang kami student emed dah hbs exam dah